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Using Commercial Solar Power

In the arena of green energy an up and coming field is commercial solar power. Anyone who produces more solar power than they can use can sell that power to others who can use it through the power grid. To encourage commercial solar power the Solar Power Solutions or SPS initiative, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, was put into place to encourage both businesses and residential homes to give their excess solar power to the power grid.

All of the initiatives focus on increasing the photovoltaic infrastructure, financing, education and outreach. The prospects of commercial solar power are becoming more viable as energy service providers, state and local governments as well as businesses and residents become more involved in the process.

Why Go Solar

Since natural resources are non-renewable many of them are becoming scarce and more costly. In addition fossil fuels such as imported oil can be influenced by many factors. Therefore, many people are looking for local ways to establish power. The implementation of commercial solar power is one way to do this.

In order to have commercial solar power it is required that you connect to the traditional power grid. To do this you can use a uniform interconnection procedure that is arranged by your energy provider in your area where they produce commercial solar power for both homes and businesses. Any agreement you sign should cover both technical and contractual issues with the interconnection. This helps protect both the person providing the commercial solar power and the energy company. Then there will be no barriers as a result of the firm, legally viable agreement.

Whether the commercial grid is supported by small residential houses or a large business, the added power will help save natural resources. In the case of some energy providers there may be a requirement for updated metering policies, many currently implemented meters can’t measure power going both ways on the grid.

Commercial solar power can save rolling blackouts and brown outs during periods of peak usage which has caused problems in the past due to cold and heat waves. This means that commercial solar power wouldn’t just be saving the environment, but it would also help to save people’s lives. In the United States numerous people die from power failure due to grid overloads during freak weather periods. By working with a commercial grid you will not only be saving yourself money, but you will be helping others as well.

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