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The Product Range of Solar Power Companies

There are long listings of solar power companies and their popularity is on the rise as people have become environment and nature-friendly, and each one in their own way would like to help in the preservation of nature. Using solar power means for many a conservation of other energy resources on earth.

Solar panels are the most important products of most solar power companies like Mr. Solar, Big Frog Mountain and Solar Cell Sales, because a basic kit for any solar power based system would require a solar panel, batteries and solar kits. The complete network of solar power companies as Kyocera Solar is a result of the demand all over the world for solar-generated electrical power, which is not only reliable but also economical.

Inverters and batteries also form an important product for solar power companies. A solar power company called Evergreen Solar develops and manufactures photovoltaic modules which are used in remote power and grid-connected ventures. Photovoltaics or PV is the technology used in solar power using solar cells to convert light from the sun into electricity.

Solar electrical and heating equipment is another useful product of solar power companies for the home, industry and farmhouses. Companies like GO Solar Company and Solar Attic. Inc not only provide the design and installation of heating equipment, but they also cater to all after-sales services. Pool heaters to heat swimming pools are available too.

The Wireless Solar Process

The complete process of solar power generation has been made wireless by some solar power companies, and one of them is SunWize Technologies, Inc. This process provides renewable and clean solar power generation. They specialize in solar modules for which they offer renewable energy systems design and distribution.

Solar energy is also used for race cars, airplanes and space applications. Solar power companies like SunPower Corporation are manufacturers of silicon solar cells used in them. The company called Nanosolar roll-prints solar cells which are only 1/100th thinner than a silicon wafer cell. But the durability and performance are the same. For remote homes and livestock water pumping solar technology is also put to use.

There are wholesale distributors and retail distributors. is a wholesale distributor and it is industry oriented, whereas the retail solar distributors sell goods mainly to private homes and individuals. Electric generators and solar thermal systems are generally industrial products, though many companies also make smaller generators for private homes. Lighting systems for streets, parking lots, parks and billboards are also popular products for big buyers from solar power companies like SOL. A range of small consumer products have come into the market from solar power companies like Sun-Mate Corporation . They are solar calculators, battery chargers for cell phones, laptop computers, torch lights and radios.

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