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Use Solar Power Fans to Lower your Electrical Bills

Many homes in the south with attics often invest in attic fans to cool off the space, thereby reducing the number of times their air conditioner kicks on. What if you could get solar power fans for the attic that costs virtually nothing to operate? The latest solar power fans aid in the ventilation of attics as well as the cooling of these attics. In turn, the ventilation helps keep the air conditioner from cycling on every few minutes.

Most solar power fans consist of a small solar panel, which helps to power a DC motor during those times that the sun is shining. There are fans installed with intake vents (like a soffit) which provide the ventilation of the attic without requiring electricity in order to do it. You will discover that the vents for these solar power fans are typically high on the roof and often there will be at least two to four along strategic places on the roof.

What Is So Great about Solar Power Fans

There are several attributes of these fans, which make sense since you are the one who typically has to pay the electric bill. Well, in these cases, virtually no electricity is wasted which means no increase in your electrical bill. These fans have the capability of lowering the temperatures in attics, which works in tandem with the better ventilation, all without increasing your electrical use.

Solar power fans are also easy to install yourself and donít require anything fancy in terms of materials or tools. Older homes do not have these fans but todayís architectural home designers are all cognizant of the new, clean and renewable energy sources like the sun. Of course you can retro-fit solar power fans for these old homes using your own tools and easy to get materials.

Getting to Know Solar Power Fans

Typically, the cost of these fans will run anywhere from $400 - $700, based on the features, manufacturer and even the ventilation capacity. Luckily for do-it-yourselfers, these fans are fully assembled and do not need extra, separate roof flashing. Installation is quite easy and you will likely see these solar power fans disguised with gable vents as well as soffit.

There is no need to understand electronics or wiring, as solar power fans do not use any type of electricity; instead it creates energy so that the fans can properly ventilate the attic area. It is important to note that these solar power fans are only as effective as the sunlight. When the sun goes down, thatís it, no more natural power to operate them.

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