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Viability of the Solar Power Station

Many sources of renewable energy are being researched and experimented with because society as a whole has finally realized that fossil fuels will likely be gone in their lifetime. That is pretty scary given that the world is dependent on oil and gas for their vehicles as well as electricity and other energy. With the solar power station as well as other alternative power plant options like wave and wind, there is a real chance of cleaning up the environment and finding a clean energy source.

Solar power is nothing new as it has been used in some form or fashion for a few thousand years. However, it is only within the past 50 or 60 years that it has really been viewed as a viable energy source. There are several forms of the solar power station in operation in countries all over the world such as Australia, Spain, Germany and even the United States.

Viable Solar Power Station Configurations

First of all, all three major solar power station configurations work in much the same way. These solar reflectors sometimes called heliostats capture the sunís energy and concentrate it into one central point. From there, the energy is dispersed into these receiving tubes filled with fluid like oil or water, which then absorbs the enormous heat sources and takes it to a generator to turn this solar heat into a viable energy form such as electricity.

The three main shapes of the solar power station include large arrays of trough-shaped reflectors, dish shaped solar reflectors reminiscent of a satellite dish and power towers, which consists of a tower in the middle of a circular field of heliostats. Each of these forms has some pros and cons and research is still being conducted to determine which way is the most efficient and viable means of producing electricity.

Location of a solar power station does have something to do with which option is to be built. The trough and power station configurations require quite a bit of space to operate because they are spread out. All of them however, do move in order to track the sun across the horizon for maximum solar exposure.

Cost of the Solar Power Station

There would be more solar power stations if the cost was not prohibitive, but this thinking could prove to be very short-sighted. When fossil fuels fade out within the next few decades, just think of how much more the solar power station will be to build at that point in time. The time is now to build these stations all over the world so society can start weaning themselves off of the more conventional methods of power. Then when fossil fuels are but a distant memory, no one will truly miss them because the solar power station saved them from that dependency.

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